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Do We Really Need Another Mental Wellness Blog?

Why another mental wellness blog?

Here I am, joining the sphere of mental wellness blogging. I’ve put this off for a while, vacillating between the thoughts of, “Does the world need another person jabbering on about what a life worth living looks like?” to “I say the same things over and over in my clinical work, why is it so hard to get these messages out to people. We need people to hear this!” 

Here’s where I’m coming from. I’m looking out into the world, granted from my small little perspective and I see people hurting, feeling disconnected, anxious, grieving, feeling lost and struggling with an inability to just love themselves as they are. And the results are clear, people are struggling with increased rates of anxiety and depression. Alcohol and drug use has increased, mindless spending and other distracting activities are raging. 

But there is hope. People can feel better. There are ways to retrain the nervous system and the thought processes so that instead of feeling captive by these physical and mental sensations, life can feel free. There can be ease. So this is my attempt to get this information out there, to share a journey not only of my own, but also of my professional training. 

I’m happy you are here to join me on this ride, so let’s go!

Best, SK